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Major & Minor Logbook Servicing

Quality & Trusted Car Servicing

When your car has racked up another 10,000kms or reached the 6 month mark from your last service, you’re due for your next car service.
We can help you with minor and major servicing for vehicles of all makes and models at astoundingly good prices.

You might be wondering, is it really necessary to service my car so often? And what happens to my warranty if I don’t get my car serviced with the dealer? Keep reading...

Do I really need to service my car regularly?

A car’s logbook generally recommends a service at every 10,000km or every 6 months, whichever happens sooner. It’s understandable to wonder why you need to fork out for a car that seems to be running fine.

The thing with cars is it’s better to maintain them, rather than wait until something breaks. Thinking ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ won’t help you here.

Getting your car checked regularly is recommended by your car’s manufacture. That’s right, they know the parts and operation of your car - and specifically tell you what needs to be done to keep your car running at its best.

They may have a point, don’t you reckon? It’s also easier on your bank account, and your car is more likely to last longer and run better if it’s well maintained.

There are other perks too. You may get a better resale value if your car is in good condition. Not to mention you - and your passengers will be safer in a car that’s been cleared of any dangerous issues.

If I go get a service somewhere other than my dealer, would I void my warranty?

No. You can go to another workshop and still be covered under warranty.

Obviously your dealer won’t encourage you to go somewhere else for your service as it’s a hugely profitable stream of income for them. It’s not secret, they are well known for overcharging two or three times more for servicing than the typical mechanic.

However, it is worth finding a good workshop before moving from the dealership.

7 Qualities of a great workshop

  1. Highly recommended by customers
  2. Keeps you updated
  3. Stamps your logbook
  4. Competitively priced
  5. Experienced mechanics that take pride in their work
  6. Gives you an itemised invoice including cost of labour and parts
  7. Lets you know about costs so you can approve it before they do the work

How do I know if the servicing cost is reasonable?

Shop around. You’ll get a general idea of minor and major service costs.

As you shop around, tell the mechanic how often you get your car serviced, when your last service was, and you car’s make and model.

Let him know about any strange happenings or past problems with your car. Give your mechanic as much information when you’re shopping around.

A good mechanic will check your car and let you know what needs to be done, why, and how much it’ll cost. Major and minor service prices will include oil and fluid changes, filter changes, safety checks.

However if your tyres wear out and need replacing, the cost of new tyres are in addition to your servicing cost. If your transmission is badly damaged, repairs are bound to be costly.

These are examples of additional labour and costs outside your regular service charge.

If your car is relatively new, your mechanic can tell you when to expect these additional costs. Your car logbook is a good guide also.

Check the reputation of the workshop through Facebook and Google reviews. Ask people you know. Note that dealerships generally charge significantly higher servicing costs than mechanics.

Wonderful experience with Rick and his crew… The service was proper old school, and we couldn't be happier! Thanks Rick and team, love your work - Anita Bimbi Lowien

Always a great service from these guys, highly recommend! - Katie Beattie

What to expect

  • Good old fashioned service
  • Skilled mechanics
  • Quality parts
  • Careful workmanship
  • Fantastic pricing

Contact Rick and the crew to get your car serviced. Walk-ins are welcome.

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